Michelle Zhu joined WACH Fox News May 2017 as a Multimedia Journalist. She received her broadcast journalism degree from the University of South Carolina. She comes from the small town of Anderson, S.C. but is excited to continue living in the capital city after spending four years at USC.

Some of her most cherished experiences come from traveling. Michelle studied one summer in Shanghai where she strengthened her Mandarin and was able to communicate with relatives for the first time. She also attended California State University-Chico as a breaking news reporter for The Orion Newspaper.

When she’s not in the newsroom or out capturing stories, Michelle is partaking in her life pleasures of traveling, food (cooking and consuming), the outdoors, crocheting, and starting her day with coffee/tea and a good book. She also enjoys staying involved in her community.

Michelle believes in the power of story and aims to be a catalyst so others can engage in stories to come. If you miss her in person, don’t hesitate to drop a note with story ideas! mazhu@wach.com

Fun fact: Standing at 4’9” tall, Michelle has ironically been known for having a “tall personality”.

Michelle’s personality type is ENFP and love language is quality time.

Books that have inspired Michelle:
Love Does by Bob Goff
Nothing to Prove by Jennie Allen
News Now by Susan Green
It Takes More Than Good Looks by Wayne Freedman


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