“Know the Signs” Public Service Announcement

Here is a Public Service Announcement for nomore.org, a campaign website to end domestic violence and sexual assault. My classmate and I decided to focus our PSA on stalking. Our call to action is to “Know the signs. Report harassment”. This shows how stalking can escalate to danger without the victim taking action and telling someone. We also took a turn and made the victim a man since most people generally associate stalking victims with women. When editing, there was an emphasis on sound effects since there is little dialog. Our goal was to incorporate a “dark, creepy” nature of the video in its entirety. I thought the use of sound effects was tedious but the outcome was amazing. The effects used added quality that the average viewer wouldn’t naturally think of. From the breathing of the ex-girlfriend standing at the door with the gun, to the typing on the mac laptop, to the vibrating of the phone, to the footsteps fading into the distance, it all pieced together well to get the message across in a PSA bringing awareness to stalking.


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