First Documentary in the Mix

For my videojournalism class, we’ve been assigned to create a documentary of our own. The goal is to create an attention-grabbing short video that will show and tell the audience something important and interesting about my chosen topic. In brainstorming my proposal this is what I have come up with so far:

My friend, Jessie Ramirez, has an interesting story to tell. She was raised by Guatemalan parents, is a first generation college student, is the second of her family to pursue nursing school, has a passion for running and fitness, and travels outside the country every year with her family. I believe these qualities would allow for an interesting story told by Jessie as the subject. Jessie has told me that being from Guatemala and travelling every year has broadened her perspective. Jessie also has pictures from every trip, which would allow for excellent visuals in the end product.

My focus is still a little broad for this documentary, but I imagine that in the end Jessie can be an inspiration to those who are first-generation college students, have Guatemalan background, are interested in nursing, or have the passion and discipline for running. Luckily, my subject is a well-rounded individual who can share intriguing stories on her every day life. I plan to delve into this project learning more and developing more ideas as I go along.


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