Documentary Progress #1

Yesterday was my first filming and interview with Jessie, my documentary subject. Overall, given that I am in the learning process, I am satisfied with my work so far! I was able to apply much of what I have been learning in Videojournalism class. Jessie and I first had a pre-interview, in which we both discussed ideas. We talked about the focus of the entire documentary project, since this was our first meeting. The pre-interview was VERY helpful. I think that if we went into it “cold-turkey”, my interview questions would have felt random, and Jessie’s answers would have not related or flowed as well. Luckily, Jessie was able to tie her diligence and hardworking character to her parent’s upbringing, which reflects my focus. Given that Jessie had detailed, applicable answers, I will likely use that audio as a voice-over for multiple shots as I continue to film every week.

As far as equipment goes, I was limited to a canon T2i (which I am soon buying from my friend, woo!) and my friend’s headphones, which have a built in mic. Once I plugged the headphones into my iPhone, the mic adapted to my phone and I was able to get clear audio that way. Although I didn’t have the ideal professional equipment on hand at the time, I was able to work with what I had. As I am filming more over time, I plan on editing throughout the process. I’ve realized organization is KEY. As emphasized in class, it is ideal to have a focus and picture in mind before delving far into the project. This is a first project for me and I’m just getting started, applying what I’ve learned thus far. I’m excited to learn more about my subject, as well as putting my knowledge into action.


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