Summer Vacation – Being intentional with healthy decisions

vsaToday I went on a morning run with my friend Erika at the local park. I’m not usually one to go running; honestly I hate running. I just remember how down I feel when I don’t put my body at work long hours of the day. I remember the refreshing, energizing feeling after working up a sweat and pushing my body to new challenges. Lately, since coming back from my study abroad trip in China, I’ve had a lot of time on my hands to relax and be a bum. Anyone can agree that relaxation is nice but I’ve found that too much time and lack of structure during the day can bring me down and affect my happiness. Where there is time to relax, there is time to watch a movie on Netflix. Where there is Netflix, there is temptation to snack. When it comes to running or exercising in general, I lack motivation to go by myself. I know some people who prefer to workout alone. Whereas, I am one more motivated to workout as long as I have someone alongside pushing me. These are some areas where I want to work on myself. I sit here now still in my workout attire as I type this blog, feeling energized and happy to start my day on the right foot. Having all this time recently has got me thinking about how I want to be intentional with my healthy decisions in the next 3 weeks before I go back to Columbia to begin job training then begin school. I also need to work towards building myself professionally. And of course, I aim to carry on these habits throughout my every day.

I can be a “go-getter”. Going hiking? Rock climbing? Sand volleyball? Count me in! I enjoy spending time outdoors, as well as engaging in physical activity during which I don’t know I’m working out. A little competition and challenge with friends makes physical activity fun. Other times, like in today’s run, I have to discipline myself a little more. I found that setting mini goals keeps me going. I would set my eyes on a landmark, such as a tree or street light. I would push myself to run to that mark and then I could begin my short walking interval. I continued this for about 40 minutes. If I was feeling daring, I would look ahead and run a little further, past my original landmark. By the end I was exhausted but my body and mind don’t regret it now.

In addition to staying active, I want to be aware and intentional of my food intake. I am sitting here sipping some authentic China green tea from my Aunt in China. I read that 5 cups of green tea a day is detoxifying. Also, while walking around in Target this morning, I considered investing in a juicer and learning about the ways of juicing. Since I will be living in an apartment this Fall, I’m sure I will want to utilize my kitchen as much as time allows. On that note, I am open to hearing what others have to say on these matters of making healthy decisions.

Can tea leaves be used a second time? What are some helpful tips for juicing? For people who hate running like me, what helps to gain discipline and motivation to keep going? Home-cooked meal ideas for the busy college kid?

PS. I want to give a shoutout to Erika for pushing me to go running with her. To my Aunt for this fresh China green tea. And to my friend Malan who recently got into blogging and doesn’t even know she inspired me to type a blog today. You should check her out at


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