Merriam-Webster defines the word anticlimactic as relating to an anticlimax, something that is much less exciting or dramatic than it was expected to be. Anticlimactic on is defined as anything connected with, or turning out to be far less meaningful or exciting than was hoped. Now let me stop you from thinking that I’m about to talk about regretting this trip to California or something silly like that. I just have to laugh at life sometimes. I decided to give this blog post a theme, a made-up word: “Anticlimactic-ness”. I could have also titled it “Irony”, but isn’t that what the hipsters do? ANYWAYS.

I was eating dinner and George, the breaking news editor of The Orion student newspaper (for which I’m writing this semester) called me and told me there was breaking news happening on the street my apartment is on. So I rushed out to meet him and find out what was happening at the scene. I went the wrong way, of course (still learning the campus). By the time I found the flashing blue lights, the cop car drove away. According to George, a car hit a person on a bike and then fled the scene. He ended up just tweeting about it. See, Wednesdays are my “on-call” days, meaning if something news-worthy is occurring locally, I’m the writer responsible for investigating and making a story out of it. Apparently he was just walking along and saw the flashing blue lights. Conveniently, I lived within 3 minutes walking distance from the scene. Yes, it was anticlimactic to see the police drive away as I was running towards the scene. I was fully prepared to have my notebook out, phone sound recorder on, and ask questions. It was one of life’s many learning moments.

I found out I’m currently attending a school where agriculture is a popular major among the college kids. My roommate Ashley is an ag major and has ducks in the freezer. She hunted and intends to cook them with the help of a friend. She also uses a Duck Dynasty themed gun safe for storage. She has a camouflage-painted canvas saying “if it flies it dies”. And because there are lot of agriculture and animal science majors on campus, it is not uncommon to see camouflage clothing and leather boots. Believe it or not, I am in California. But I feel like I never left South Carolina.

But I’m loving my time here.

There’s so many restaurants and tea shops unique to both the small town of Chico and Northern California. So far I’ve gone to Upper Crust Bakery, where I had chicken lasagna. I’ve been to Woodstock Pizza twice now, which reminds a lot of Mellow Mushroom back home. Today I went with my friend Brittany to Sweet Cottage, a tea shop, where I had a wonderful iced blueberry tea. So far these have all been good choices. I have so much more to explore. I’ve been told of a “jiffy burger” which exists on the menu at the famous Madison Bear Garden restaurant. It’s a burger with peanut butter? That’s my next restaurant mission. Despite the hilarious unexpected occurrences as noted above, I’m truly enjoying my time in the iconic state of California where roundabouts replace four-way stops and orange trees can casually be found in front yards. To be continued!


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